masala chai

Sitting around in dhabas and cafes is nearly mandatory here. In addition to the old standards like masala chai and lassis you can find a nice range of Ayurvedic teas. Some restaurants make up their own tonics to treat anything that may be ailing you.

Lately two Italian style/Seattle style cafes have popped up. Their main focus is on the coffee.

Alcohol is banned by Law

Being a sacred Hindu city consumption of Alcohol is banned by Law in Rishikesh

German Bakery and restaurant is situated at Laxman jhoola is a good place to visit with its high view over rishikesh and laxman jhoola as well as bridge and is a common place for foreigners and vistiors to have a relaxing break.

Tripti Restaurant is situated on main Badrinath highway and is a good place to visit. It has a beautiful view and and airy restaurant area to sit and relax. The food is healthy and fresh and tasty. It is a common place for foreigners and vistiors to have a calm and quite break. Sitting on the terrace is another thing that you dont want to miss at "Tripti"

Freedom Ganga Cafe
In Laxman Jhula, locate a tree in the middle of the road and turn down into a small lane next to an ayurvedic doctor's office.

Freedom ganga Cafe offers the best drinks in Rishikesh: Strawberry smoothies, thick Mango juice ask with no ice, Strawberry lassi, thick fresh Pineapple juice. Drinks are served in 500 ml mugs.