Bharat Mandir


Lakshman Jhula


Triveni Ghat

This is a bathing ghat. Daily in the morning and evening there are thousands who take bath here and enjoy the Maha Aarti being performed. It is very soothing to sit on the banks of the river and enjoy the cool breeze from the river.

Neelkanth Mahadev Mela
Gita Bhavan

Place of Guru Shri Ram Sukh Daasji, the great thinker of his time Popular among the Hindu Brahmin Community. Twice a year people gather at this ashram to read the Ramayana together.

Swarg Ashram
Shri 108 Baba kali Kamli Wale Swami Atam Prakash Ji

Swargashram Heavenly Abode as the name connotes is a beautiful place situated in picturesque surroundings at the foot of Himalayas on the left bank of the Ganges between Rishikesh and Laxmanjhula. It is the spiritual “ground zero” of Rishikesh, filled with a concentration of ashrams and temples. The areas is known for its healthy and satwik living environment. It is this spot where from ages of yore the famous Yogis and Rishis have been doing the Tapasya. Numerous mention of this spot occurs in the holy scripture Puranas

Parmarth Niketan

One of the few Ashrams left in India where Kids get the Vedas Education. Must Visit in Evening for the Pooja/Aarti. 5PM in Winter and 6PM in summer.

Trayambakeshwar Temple
Lakshman Jhula

is 13 stories high, with different deities throughout.

Music Concert
20 meter left from Ram Jhula Bridge near police check post, Swargashram, Rishieksh India.

In the Veena Maharaja Music school, the Music Concert is organised every Sunday of the week at 7 PM at night time. In which the professional Indian Classical musicians are invited to entertainment the audiences with the pleasant sound of their lovely and good looking instruments.