Arunachal Pradesh

Tibetan delicacies like Thukpa , momos or simple and delicious Paratha- Sabzi eaten hot from the roadside shacks on cold misty days are a treat !! Most restaurants in Tawang serve these. A small shack called Annapurna serves delicious alu potato chips.The traditional Monpa cuisine use a generous amount of chillies and fermented cheese which has a strong flavour and is not for the faint hearted. Some traditional Arunachal dishes are the famous Momo, widely eaten in the north east and other Himalayan regions.


The Momo is made by stuffing minced Pork and Onions into a dough and then steamed in a three layer steamer, or fried.


The Thukpa is a soup filled with noodles, minced meat, and vegetables, also known as Der Thuk. Ashum Thukpa is made of Maize, beans and meat.


Is the staple dish of the monpa tribes. it is usually made of millet flour. it is usually had with vegetables or meat to which is added fermented cheese, soya bean or other herbs.


Is a pancake, had with tea.

Gyapa Khazi

Is a kind of pulao made of rice, fermented cheese, small dried fish or shrimp, chillies ginger and other spices.