Tawang is a much undiscovered Trekkers paradise, offering breath taking views, fresh mountain air, chill weather, and challenging or leisurely treks.

For a rigorous trek classified hard, take the Jang - Thingbu - Mago - Goi ichen Base Camp - Mago Back - Luguthang - Sena Chakra - RA-I route.

The softer trekking routes include the Mukto - Gongkhar - Gyamdong - Khet - Kharung - Bongleng - Kungba - Namsring - Kharteng - Lumla route, and the Tawang Gonpa - Gyangong Ani Gonpa - Bhramadongchung Ani Gonpa - Tawang routes.

You can also trek along the Namet Village - Zarmang Ani Gonpa - Khromten Gonpa - Geshila - Klimta - Bomla - Y. Junction - Tawang route, which takes you close to the Chinese border outpost at Bomla.

Trekkers are advised to come fully attired and prepared for the worst.

Take a walk around the charming town.

Pray at the 400 year old Tawang Gompa. Turn the prayer wheels dotted outside small gompas. Meet and chat with the friendly Lama monks. Take excursions around town to visit beautiful glacier lakes and smaller gompas with big histories.

Chat with friendly and beautiful locals.

Take a nap on a hillock if its sunny, be prepared to be awoken by a grazing Yak.