Deepor Beel

A wetland and a very picturesque picnic spot. A bird-watchers paradise, especially in winter when the migratory birds come down. Access is from the National Highway, Gorchuk Ali. The alternative road from the airport passes through Deepor Beel. Ask for Guddu of Uttam at the forest office who are local experts on the area, and can take you out for boat rides on the Beel. Deepor Beel is almost famous for the elephant population who descend from the nearby hills to frequent the water in the evening. It is best to avoid Deepor Beel on the weekends during the winter months due to the large number of picnic revelers who also descend on the spot along with the migratory birds

Rani Garbhanga Reserve Forest

15km inside this protected forest on the southern fringes of Guwahati, reside a number of Karbi communities scattered across the hilly region. These tribal communities continue to practice a "traditional" lifestyle, engaging in shifting cultivation and following other cultural and daily practices sometimes far removed from the urban landscape below. Life is simple here, without electricity and there are no paved roads, but for a glimpse of hill tribe lifestyle there is no better opportunity closer to Guwahati. Mr Nayan Das has travelled the hills extensively for 10 years now, and is an excellent guide if you would like to see how people live in the hilly forests. Nayan's number is +919864627726. Check out his Garbhanga facebook page for an idea (

Resorts on Sonapur Road

The Sonapur Road Guwahati-Nagaon Road, NH 37 has many dhabas that are within 10-15 km of the city outskirts Khanapara. These resorts provide a good weekend break. Brahmaputra resort,Disang Dhaba in Tepesia are good for family outings.

Balaji Temple

Balaji temple is on the National Highway By-pass easily reached by taking the National Highway from the city head towards Maligaon/Adabari and beyond till you reach the Jalukbari junction. It takes about 20 min from the junction to the temple. It is supposed to be a replica of the temple in Tirupati - the temple provides a nice place for solitary meditation, being in a peaceful setting.


Hajo is an interesting place to visit near Guwahati. The place has religious significance for Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. It takes about an hour and half from the city center to reach Hajo by own transport buses are there from Adabari bus stand. Interesting places to visit are the Hayagrib Madhab temple and Pua Mecca. While at the temple, make sure to go down to the temple pond to see the resident turtle.

Kamakhya Temple

A world famous Hindu Temple and Pilgrimage. Attracts visitors and devotees from all across the world and Country. A 25-30 minutes drive from the heart of the City.