Kaziranga National Park ( is situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra river. It is home and one of the last refuges to rhinoceros of Assam and covers an area of 430 kmĀ².

Madan Kamdev Tample ( The Madan Kamdev temple - better known as the Khajuraho of North East India - was constructed on the spot where Kamdev regained life.

Jatinga ( Jatinga is a small village near Halflong. Every year, on some specific days, lots of birds drop here in the dark of the night. The mystery is yet to be resolved.

Namdang Stone Bridge ( This 300 year old bridge is till standing tall and kicking.

Maidam ( Maidams at Charaideo hillock are often compared with the Pyramids of Egypt. A must visit,