Vegetables and potatoes boiled with a lot of red chillies or umorok with ngari fermented fish, dry fish and mashed together.


– literally ‘tree chilli’ u=tree; morok = chilli. it is garnished with maroi maroi namakpi, maroi nakuppi, awa phadigom, mayang-ton, toning-khok tilhou,coriander leaves and many more.


Is a salad prepared with finely chopped cabbage, onions, lotus stems, tree beans, coriander leaves,sinju pan,ginger,heibi mana and lots of seasonal vegetables mixed with ngari. boiled kidney beans are optional and the dish is seasoned with red chilli flakes, salted to taste, with red roasted sesame powder and roasted chick peas powder.


Or kangshoi is a stew preparation of any seasonal vegetables with coarsely chopped onions,maroi, ginger and salt, topped with ngari, fried fish pieces optionaland water. it's soupy in nature and is eaten with rice.

Morok metpa

Is a coarse-paste prepared with green or dry red chilies. the chillies should be boiled with ngari in a pan and then it should be mashed with salt; fried fish pieces can also be added to it. chopped onions and coriander leaves should be added to it and mixed. other dishes are- kang-hou various vegetables fried dry in oil with traditional spices, paknam fish cake, nga-thongba fish curry, ooti, pakora thongba, chagem pomba, keli chana, alu kangmet boiled potato mashed with fried red chilli and salt and dressed with mustard oil, sana thongba which is prepared with paneer in manipuri style, a-nganba steam vegetables, such as pumpkin, sweet pea, carrots, french beans etc..

Ok thongba

Local pork curry with bamboo shots or mustard leaves with u-morok.