Khongjom War Memorial

Place where last war was fought against British India, after which princely state of Manipurkangleipak became under the empire of British India

Manipur is a land of festivals and atleast one festival is celebrated every month. Taking part in one of them will be a life long experience. Ask friends or hotel staffs for these festivals and to arrange for you to join.

Boat ride at the Loktak lake and see Phumdi fishing.

Adventure/Trekking:If you ever visit Manipur then one thinh you should do is get your boots some dirt and your shirt some sweat. Hell yes! So what to do? Simple, ask the locals or any taxis around for MMTAManipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association. They are really helpful.people and will happily lend you a hand and first hand knowledge about where to go. If you like they will even provide you a guide for your trek.

Meet The Photographers:Manipur though very small has an ever expanding Photography bussiness and ofcourse as a Passion.

So next time you go out go to this place called RKCS ART MUSEUM which is also the office of Manipur Photography Club and join the Club members on weekends Photo-Walk.[Distinguised persona: Devendra Hijam/NirjenSharma/BushoRaj/BimalThong]

Meet The War-Historians:

People often says Size does matter,well it is not really the case here. Manipur despite being a small state has a Big Place in World War II as being the Greatest BattleBattle Of Imphal and Kohima fought by Britain.

Every evening this group of enthusiast gather this cafe called Wild Flavours in DIPR officeNear Kalimai Mandir. You will probably find a tall and lanky fellow and his friends having coffee. Voila! You have found the Imphal Campaign WW2 Foudation. This people are from various walks of life yet they are united here by the passion for keeping History Alive and remembering the Forgotten Souls that were lost here.[Distinguishes persona Rajeshwor YumnamRaj/AngambaBobby/Ashok Lairen/JosephJoe]