Visit local alcohol vendors- Although Manipur is a dry state alcohol not allowed to sale and drink, it seems that there is some relaxation to sale and drink the traditionally brewed rice based alcohols in many Kabui/tribal localities also called as Khuns. Atingba rice beer is lighter in alcohol content and and Ashaba distilled rice brandy is stronger in alcohol content. Some popular locations are Mujikhul, Kakhulong in Paona bazar area, Keishamthong khul, Mahabali etc. These alcohol vendors also sell different types of meat dishes, fish and snacks which are very affordable. There will be plenty of young people sitting and enjoying the drinks alongwith some snacks and they will be quite open to talk. Drinking in these places is worth an experience and these alcohol vendors are very unique to Manipur


Taditional brew made from rice


from local wine to IMFL and beer!!