Preparations of Bamboo shoot is a delicacy here along with other common dishes of North eastern India.


There are many budget restaurants in Imphal, most of them are located near the bus stop. In the Center of the city, behind the polo ground, there are numerous restaurants/canteens serving traditional manipuri dishes. Chakluk hotel, Eigyagee Sharma hotel, People canteen etc to name a few. One should definitely try out the cheap manipuri platter price range maximum Rs 150 per person which consist of several dishes. The platter can either be vegeterian or a non-vegeterian mostly fish dishes one .

There is another restaurant called 'OK Hotel' which is located in MG Avenue, a commercial area with several banks, ATM facilities and fresh fruit vendors. Meal with rice, lentils, chicken curry/fry can be had very cheaply for less than Rs. 100. It is very popular among the locals and famous for its 'chicken roll'. Opposite to he OK hotel, there is a pose and clean but cheap restaurant called 'chamu restaurant' which is a part of Hotel Nirmala and they serve both continental, chinese and Indian dishes ( meals around rs. 300.

'Nikheel cafe' located in the B.O.C area and 'A to Z restaurant' located in the airport road are very popular amongst the local youths for their momos dumplings, noodles, chili chicken/pork, parantha's etc.

There are many hole in the wall food places located in every locality run by women which serves traditional manipuri snacks. It can also be found in the Ema market women's market in the city. One should try singju a sort of very spicy salad, but can be requested for less chili, bora, kanghou, alu-shak, pokora, paknam etc. A plate should not cost more than Rs 30.

Scattered all around the city, there are several tea hotels run by non-manipuris. One can have cheap snacks singhara, kachori, bhujiya, puri etc and different types of sweets. A piece should cost about rs. 5 and one can easily fill the stomach with rs.50. Hygiene and sanitary conditions in these eateries are questionable, though.


Restaurant in the Hotel Classic B.O.C area . Website below in the hotel sections.

The Host Restaurant of hotel Anand Continental in Thangal Bazar Khoyathong road serves both continental and Indian dishes at moderate price. It is clean and the food quality is good.