Manipur has many places to visit. One can start with the Loktak Lake, which is about 45kms to the south of Imphal. The view of the enchanting landscape from Sendra Hill is awsome. A restaurant name Sangai Restaurant has been put up there recently. Not far from there is Indian National Army musueum which houses lots of artifacts from the Second World War and related to INA. Another place to visit around Loktak lake is the Keibul lamjao National Park, which is home to the Brow Antler Deer or Sangai which is also the only Floating National Park in the world that's emough for a day. The next day head out to see the All Women market at the heart of the city Ima keithel Ima means mother in Manipuri, Keithel means market. You will be astonished by the wide variety of articles sold in the small market. After coming out of the Ima Keithel visit the Legendary Kangla Fort which used to house famous British officer like FM William Slim and later HQ of IGAR SOUTH. However it was handed over to the public in 2008, first public entry since its takeover by British when Manipur was defeated in the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891.If you have any interest and respect for all those souls that were lost during World War Two, visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery, Indian Army War Cemetry and the Japanese War Memorial en route to Loktak lake. If you still have time and want to taste a little piece of Myanmar air, its well to visit the border town Moreh, which is only just 110kms from Imphal. Get ready to spend lots of bucks in buying cheap and tempting things starting from a slipper to a queen size bed.If you are one of those few people who have the guts to take on nature then go for a trek in Siroy Hills/DzukoHills/Old Cachar road.Loktak Lake,Keibul Lamjao National Park,Shirui Lily Flowers in Ukhrul.