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Hotel Center Point

Centre point.

Police Bazaar

At police bazar in o b shopping mall.


Swish Cafe which is opening soon after undergoing renovation, is the first cafe in Shillong and is a favourite haunt of youngsters and anyone who wants a good cup of coffee and some tasty snacks. Its a cute little coffee shop with a lot of character!

It is the drinker's paradise.Because of the tax structure on alcohol in this state, you will be hard pressed find cheaper drinks anywhere else in India, if you are the type who buys liquor from a shop and drinks in your hotel room.

If you like pubs and clubs, then Shillong has quite a few of them.


Hotel polo towers.


english pub, hotel polo towers.


At hotel alpine continental.

Nightlife is generally at its peak on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are very very dull.

turn left at the junction

Matter of taste, MOT is an amazing coffee shop which serves pastas, sandwiches and pizzas too. Irish coffee is a must try. After a hard day of travelling around shillong, it refreshes you like anything