Cane and bamboo handicraft items are most prominent souvenirs of Mizoram. These are simple yet mesmerizing product designs made using cane and bamboo which make them highly durable. Baskets, utensils, hats, flower vases, furniture and other decorative items are made also out of bamboo and cane. The state government emporium store a large number of these items at affordable rates.

Basketry is a popular craft among the tribes in Mizoram. The tribal craftsmen are experts in making beautiful baskets out of the soft fibres of cane. Baskets come in various designs, with lids and without lids and in various shapes. They are made for serving various purposes like cages, containers, baskets etc.

Woven goods are popular crafts in Mizoram and the artisans of the state are experts in this artform. They are proficient in changing the simple raw material in beautiful designs and patterns and produce lovely fabric. The Intricate traditional designs are woven by the Mizo women on their looms. The Mizos weave beautiful traditional Shawls with lovely patterns.