If you are an early bird, get up early in the morning and see the lakes of cloud all around the cities and towns as most of them are built on the mountain tops.

Visit Hnam Chhantu Pawl that sells local handicraft items at very reasonable rates. This is a shop run by an NGO and is located in Electric Veng, Near Grace Hospital And Nursing, Aizawl. Ask for Champai Sumo counters, the shop is closeby, on second floor of a building. It is a very famous store, so you can ask local people and they will guide you. Alternately, you can reach the store at hnamchhantu@rediffmail.com.

The main shopping centers in Aizawl is Bara Bazar, Millenium Centre and Solomon's cave. Here all kinds of wears from garments, cosmetics, shoes to vegetable, poultry are available. These are the main city shopping center. For Handicraft, Zohanco in Zarkawt has shawls, puan, bags and furnishing materials. For bamboo works such as baskets, khumbeu the finely mizo woven bamboo cap are available at MKVI, Sales Emporium, Zarkawt.However the prices may not be very diffrent from Mumbai or Delhi.

Greener Pastures

An ecotourism enterprise that offers a 7 day tour of Mizoram.