Basketry : Naga storage and carry baskets are crafted by women using fine strips of cane and bamboo make them sought after for their utility as well as their aesthetic value. The cane baskets of Khonoma village are particularly well known for their intricate weaving. While cane baskets and containers woven by the Khiamngan weavers in the Tuensang District are well known for their quality and intricate work which gives it a lace-like appearance. Headgears and mats are also woven from fine bamboo and cane strips. The same skills of that craftsmen use to weave beautiful baskets are utilized to create cane furniture which aimed also for an international market.

Woven Crafts: Naga women are excellent weavers and produce colorful shawls, bags and jackets very popular with tourists. Each tribe uses colors and motifs that distinguish from each other, this are based on tribal folklore. Natural dyes from barks, roots and plants are used to dye cotton yarn and woven fabrics. then woven cloth are embellished with beads, cowrie shells and goats hair traditionally showing the status of the weaver.

Woodcraft: are by craftsmen using traditional skills. The Diezephe Craft village in Dimapur District is a good place to find excellent woodcraft.

Pottery: are traditionally crafted by womenfolk. The pots are generally very simple and importance was given to its functional value rather than aesthetics. Tseminyu and Ungma village were well known for aluminum and steel vessels have long replaced the simple clay pots.

Metal work: Iron tin and brass are used to produce weapons as well as a variety items of utility items and ornaments. The Konyak blacksmiths were famous for their works in the past which their products were in great demand in Assam. To this day, the local dao, spears, chisels, ornaments and other items of utility are still crafted by local blacksmith which are valued by locals and tourists alike.

Jewelry and beadwork is also popular with tourists. The beads that are used are crafted show profusion and complexity in their creation. jewelry, are crafted using a range of materials, such as glass, shell, stone, teeth or tusk, claws, horns, metal, bone, wood, seeds, hair, and fibre.