The Main occupation is Agriculture and there is no big companies like call center/BPO IT companies etc. However there is the usual Govt jobs, banking sector, factories etc.

Handknitting the famous Naga shawls from Naga women. One can find many women knitting these shawls in their verandahs. Just ask them to teach you and they would be most helpful in doing so. Nagas are among the most helpful people towards visitors.

Dzukuo Valley

Trek to the beautiful Dzukuo Valley. You will never forget it your entire life. Its a valley at the top of the mountains. What is amazing is that you will find Rivers and waterfalls in this valley which is situated at the top of the mountains. You need to carry your own fooding and lodgings for your stay there. Make sure you carry very warm clothings for your stay there as this place is really very cold. If you start at 6AM you will be reaching the valley around 4PM if you are a really good trekker.

Trek to the top of Japfu peak, the 2nd highest in Nagaland. And also Pulebadze Peak overlooking the suburb of Jotsoma. The views from atop these peaks are out of the world.