Kohima War Cemetery

on Garrison Hill. The cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth Graves Commission.

Kohima Zoo

You can see the rare Tragopan bird, which is also the state bird of Nagaland. And the Mithun, the state animal.

Kohima Museum

Some rare Naga artifacts.

Catholic Church on Aradhurah Hill

near the Little Flower School. This is the biggest church of it's kind in the pre-dominantly Christian region north-eastern region of India. The view of the town from this church is outstanding.

Bara Basti

Supposedly the second largest village in Asia. See the traditional Angami way of life.

Naga Bazaar

You can find nearly anything that is living and moving here on sale. Nagas have a wide-ranging cuisine encompassing the entire spectrum of living things.

Dimapur Ao Baptist Church

the largest church in Asia.

The Deputy Commissioners Bungalow

For over a month, Japanese troops battled British and Indian troops at this small bungalow in Kohima. The battle, known as the Battle of the Tennis Court, was the turning point in the fight against Japan and the bungalow still stands in this state capital. The Tennis Courts are now a part of the Kohima War Cemetery.