Maharaja Dhanya Manikya Bahadur of Tripura constructed this temple in the year 1501 A.D.1423 Saka. Sorashi Kali Mata Third Mahavidya is made of reddish black stone Kastik Pathar. One replica of Shri Shri Mata is also there in the Temple commonly called Chhoto Maa which used to be carried by the Maharaja of Tripura in the battle field and during hunting Mrigaya.

Main Festival Dewali Puja is the main annual festival when thousands of pilgrims assemble here from all over the state and outside as well.

Before dawn 4 a.m. the temple locks are opened and MANGAL ARATI is offered to the Divine Mother and thereafter, dry sweet perah is offered through Puja.

At 8 A.M. the Divine Mother is decorated with new cloth and various ornaments after her bath. These precious ornaments remain in custody of the Tehsilder of Matarbari Temple.

From 10.30AM to noon, daily puja is offered and after 12.30 P.M. various sacrifices he-goat, buffalo, pigeon etc. are made.After anna bhog rice and different curries, the Divine Mother retires for half an hour 2 PM to 2.30 PM.At 2.30PM, the bhog un-eaten portion of deity's lunch is taken out and distributed as prasad among the pilgrims who assemble. Temple doors are again opened at 3.30 PM for the pilgrims and visitors.Around 7PM sandhyarati is offered to the divine mother along with beat of drum and music for about an hour.At 9.30PM, the divine mother is offered baikalik supper and she retires for the night at 10PM after having sayanarati. The priest-in-charge gives back all the ornaments from the deity to the manager for safe custody.The Pilgrims can offer their puja any time between mangal arati and sayanarati 10PM except during the 2-3.30 pm period. The pilgrims generally offer puja with locally made perah a sweet made of pure milk. They may also offer food rice, curries etc. prepared by the temple management to the deity. They can get prasad against coupon @ Rs.15/- being issued by the manager on payment.