802-0001, Fukuoka Prefecture‎ Kitakyushu, Kokurakita Ward, Asano1丁目-1-
Depends on how long you want to stay. Renting from ¥100 to sit down per hour and use their wifi in the common room, open booth, privates and monthly is under ¥40,000
North exit on street level

They have an English price list, and you can find monthly on the bottom of the sheet.

check out online and in apartment rentals
ranges from place, but cheap and nice

I had a place for ¥33,000 monthly, only needed to pay ¥5,000 for change of locks, ¥3,500 matinance and ¥1,600 for Internet. Not wifi, so if you want it, you need ever a cable to connect your laptop or buy a wifi router.

There are all sorts of options from the lap of luxury down to the cheapest ryokan. Ask at the Information desk, third floor of Kokura station.

Top end
Rihga Royal Hotel

2-14-2 asano north of kokura station, tel. +81-93-5311121, ( the top hotel in town and the only rihga royal hotel in kyushu.