Cheongpyeong-sa Temple
The ferry leaves from Soyang Dam
Adults 5,000 won / Youth 5,000 won / Children 3,000 won Including Ferry Charge

Cheongpyeong Temple is South Korea's National Treasure No. 164 is a Buddhist temple dating back to reign of King Gwang-Jong 949-975. Tucked away in a valley between two mountains, it sits at the southern ridge of Mount Bong. The walk up to Cheongpyong Temple is one of Korea's most beautiful walks. Surrounded by woods, clean air and a beautiful stream with many waterfalls, the walk up to the temple is a walk that one does not want to miss. There is a small entry fee to get into the "park" and there are many "ma and pa" restaurants and vendors along the way for snacks. One of the most amazing experiences is dining on the river on a small river table, a platform that is placed in the middle of the stream. There is a small backpackers motel near the entrance of the temple if you want to stay overnight. There are a lot of hiking trails that branch into the mountain for those who want to experience Chuncheon's best eco-tourism site. However, to get to Cheongpyeong Temple is quite difficult. There is a mountain ridge road that takes you up and around the valley, however most people tend to take the ferry that leaves from Soyang Dam. This dam is about a 30 minute taxi ride from Chuncheon's central station.

A large island on the Soyang River. A ferry runs to the island every half hour. Fare is 5500W per adult. The island makes a great day trip or picnic. You can hike around and see ancient Korean huts, or rent bikes and ride a paved trail that goes around one side of the island. Bike rental is approximately 10,000w per hour. Surrey bikes and four wheelers are also available to rent. The island has places where you can camp, and at the southern end there are cabins for rent 55,000 won per night and up. Ask about these at the tourist bureau; they don't speak English at the office on the island.

At the head of the Soyang river. The dam creates Soyang Lake. Boat rides are available to tour the lake, and there is a boat ride that takes you to a hiking trail to see a Buddhist temple. There are food stalls along the walk to the docks - they sell boiled lake shellfish, pancakes, fried grasshoppers and such...

Chuncheon sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. Bong Ui Mountain is a famous peak located just North of Myongdong Downtown Chuncheon and sits just south of the Soyang river. Trails lead to the top from all sides of the mountain, and there is exercise equipment on top. It is not a very tall peak, but makes for a good hike. Its elevation is approximately 925ft, next to the Soyang River which is 240ft.

Another group of hiking trails is located on the east side of Chuncheon. Starting at the provincial police headquarters, and running in back of the LotteMart in EmmaCo, the main trail runs along a ridge, crossing over several highways on elaborate bridges. Side trails lead up from the west.

From the tourist resort of Gangchon, one can hike to a waterfall, or up the mountain to a high village where there are several restaurants for hikers.

Trails for hiking and biking can be found along the river running through the south part of Chuncheon, and then on along the lakeshore on the west side of town.

A park with many marble statues and a building which contains and replica of an ancient Korean water clock. A small store provides bike rentals and across the street are docks where you can rent paddle boats on the river. The river feeds into the Soyang and from there you can see Jungdo island. The Ethiopian war memorial is adjacent to this park.

Located approximately 30 minutes drive from downtown Chuncheon. A free shuttle runs from Chuncheon to the ski resort.