Changwon travel guide

How to get to Changwon, South Korea

The nearest airport is in Busan, the neighboring town to the east. The Airport is called Busan Gimhae International Airport. (IATA Code: PUS)

The Munghwa, Saemaeul and KTX (Korea Train Express) trains run into Changwon via the Changwon Train Station in the north part of the urban area of town. There are KTX stops at Changwon Train station, Changwonjungang Train station, and Masan Train station. You can travel directly to Changwon from Seoul Station without any transfers or connections.

Changwon is to the west of Busan, and most travel to Changwon is via this international hub.

Buses connect Changwon to most of the other cities in Gyeongsangnam-do via the Express bus terminal. Some buses connect with Changwon at the Namsan terminal in the south part of town, including buses for Busan. Express buses connect directly to Seoul several times a day.

To Busan:Buses to Busan mainly arrive in Sasang-gu in Busan at the Seobu bus station. The fare is about 3500 Won. Its a short walk to the Sasang subway station from Seobu.