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Where to eat in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a huge city, so all individual listings should be moved to the appropriate district articles, and this section should contain a brief overview. Please help to move listings if you are familiar with this city.

Taipei probably has one of the highest densities of restaurants in the world. Almost every street and alley offers some kind of eatery. Of course, Chinese food (from all provinces) is well represented. In addition, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Italian cuisines are also popular. Basically, East Taipei, especially around Dunhua and Anhe Roads, and also the expat enclave of Tianmu are where to clash chopsticks with the rich and famous, whereas West Taipei offers more smaller, homey restaurants.

Due to the sheer number of restaurants, it is almost impossible to compile a thorough list, but below are a few recommended restaurants catering to specialist tastes.

Yin-Yih Restaurant

chinese cuisine

(銀翼餐廳), 2f 18 jinshan south rd sec. 2. tel:+886 2 2341-7799. dedicated to old style yangzhou cuisine.

Tien Hsiang Lo

chinese cuisine

(天香樓), b1, 41 minquan east rd, sec. 2. (the landis taipei hotel). tel:+886 2 2597-1234, ( authentic hangzhou cuisine. reservations are recommended.

The Pengs' Traditional Hong Kong Cuisine

chinese cuisine

(彭家園), guangfu south road, lane 240, no. 49 (close to sun yat-sen memorial hall mrt station, exit #2). tel:+886 2 2772-9839, ( opened approximately 30 years ago, both the food and the decor of the restaurant have not changed since. known for being more authentically 1980s hong kong than most restaurants in hong kong today.

Din Tai Fung

chinese cuisine

(鼎泰豐), 194 xinyi rd sec. 2 (entrance of yongkang street). tel:+886 2 2321-8928, ( famous for its steamed pork dumplings. worth a detour. several locations in taipei and worldwide. gets very crowded even on weekdays so book in advance.

Taiwan Pa

chinese cuisine

(太玩吧), 1f, no.155, sec.2,anho r.d tel:+886 2 2732-7010 . business hour: 8:00p.m-3:00a.m

chinese cuisine

(Mon.-Sat.)Famous for mix-taiwanese tapas. Great collection of local wine

Peking Do It True

chinese cuisine

(北平都一處), 506 renai rd sec. 4. tel:+886 2 2720-6417. this is the place to go if you crave good beijing cuisine. visitors may be surprised to see a large photo of former u.s. president george h. w. bush on the wall, taken when he ate at the restaurant during his trip to taiwan in 1994.

Shan Xi Dao Xiao Mian

chinese cuisine

(山西刀削麵), 2, lane 118, heping east road sec. 2. (@ fuxing s road, near technology bldg mrt station, is in an alley of taiwan national university) tel:+886 2 2378-7890. serving knife cut noodles, which are known for their chewy texture. as the name suggests, a block of noodle dough is held and the noodles are cut straight off of the block. cheap and very popular, but no english menus.

Kiki Restaurant

chinese cuisine

(kiki 老媽餐廳), 28, fuxing south road sec. 1. tel:+886 2 2752-2781, ( just opposited the breeze center, this restaurant serves authentic szechwanese peppery hot pot.

Pearl Liang

chinese cuisine

(漂亮中式海鮮餐廳), 2f, 2 songshou rd (grand hyatt taipei). tel:+886 2 2720-1200, ( offers unique, fresh, live seafood and dim sum.

Shang Palace

chinese cuisine

(香宮), 6f, 201 dunhua south rd sec. 2. (far eastern plaza hotel). tel:+886 2 2378-8888, ( specialize in cantonese and regional chinese cuisines. note: dim sum is available for lunch only.

Yongkang Beef Noodle

chinese cuisine

(永康牛肉麵), 17, lane 31, jinshan south road sec. 2. tel:+886 2 2351-1051, ( one of the top-twenty beef noodle shops in taipei. note: yongkang beef noodle occupies the former location of lao-zhang beef noodle, which now located next to it.

Namaste Curry


2f. 16, lane 316, roosevelt road sec 3 (near gongguan mrt station). tel:+886 2 2362-9538 - friendly and warm atmosphere - good reasonably priced food, but lunch menu was so-so.

Calcutta Indian Curry House


(加爾各答印度咖哩屋), 70 xining south road (at e'mei street), basement level of the wannian shopping complex. (ximen ding district) tel:+886 2 2389-3878 - one of the more popular indian restaurants, conveniently located in the ximen ding district. moved in early-2012 from their prominent kunming street location to the basement food court level of the wannian shopping complex. a bit hard to find, but definitely worth it.



Anhe road, section 2, no.100 (near far eastern hotel). tel:+886 2 2325-4433 - while not an indian restaurant per se, carnegie's features many indian dishes, and they have an excellent "curry-out" menu if you feel like bringing a curry or two home with you.

Out of India


  • 浦城街13巷26號

(印渡風情), 26, lane 13, pucheng street (second lane on right off shi-da road when traveling from heping east road). tel:+886 2 2363-3054 - food ok, but not great value.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant


(坦都印度餐廳), 10, lane 73, hejiang street. tel:+886 2 2509-9853. (



148, shida road. tel:+886 2 2364-8222. a european pub and restaurant in shida area serving traditional european fare on the first floor. the second floor features the main bar and activity center. steak pie and fish and chips offered here are some of taipei's best.



No. 8, alley 10, lane 223 chung xiao east rd. sec. 4. +886 2 2771 9285. burgers, quesadilla, sandwiches, salads, etc. details on (

Flavors restaurant


Ren ai rd. sec.4 no.13 alley 26 lane 300 tel:+886 2 2709-6525. located on a back street of busy renai rd with a lush garden in front and warm and cozy atmosphere inside. one of the few real western restaurants with a western chef. flavors serves great grilled steaks including rare meat like venison, amazing selection of appetizers in a casual fine dining way. flavors have been voted taipei's best unexpected find in 2008. details on (

Grandma Nitti's Kitchen


8, lane 93, shida road. tel:+886 2 2369-9751. located in the shida area, this restaurant serves a great selection of dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, pastas, greek omelets, tex-mex fajitas and more. very popular with american language teachers and students.

KGB Kiwi Gourmet Burgers


Shida rd, lane 114, no. 5. tel (+886) "2" 2363 6015. come out of taipower mrt exit 3. it is opposite the wellcome supermarket in the lane. excellent gourmet burgers in a relaxed cafe style setting. there are 11 nz beef burgers, 10 free range chicken burgers, 3 nz lamb burgers and 9 vegetarian burgers. opened by 2 kiwis, everything is made on site to high standards. there are nz beers, real milkshakes, fruit yoghurt smoothies, rooibos tea, savanna & hunters cider. this the website (

PaPaGio' Italian Restaurant


(喬爸爸義大利美食餐廳), 22, alley 6, lane 170, zhongxiao east rd., sec 4. best accessible by mrt since it's next to exit 5, zhongxiao dunhua station. wide selection of authentic italian food, featuring appetizer, pizza, risotto, meat, seafood courses, and great dessert. run by italian chef.

Mitsui Japanese Cuisine

japanese cuisine

(三井日本料理), 30 nong-an st. tel:+886 2 2594-3394. ( the best japanese cuisine in taipei.

Mei Guan Yuan

japanese cuisine

(美觀園), 36 emei st, tel:+886 2 2331-0377. located in ximending pedestrian area. this restaurant has served authentic japanese sushi and sashimi since 1946. (note there's another restaurant opposite the road from this with exactly the same name - that's the old location of this restaurant and doesn't serve as good sushi.)

Shabu Sen

japanese cuisine

(鮮), 63, minquan east road, sec. 1 (tel:+886 2 2596-9568). this place serves great japanese/ taiwanese style hot pot dishes. it is a family run restaurant. the environment is clean and refreshing. the owner ms. chiu hand picks her ingredients daily from the market. my favorite is the kobe beef pot and mushroom pot. the price is very reasonable with well selected ingredients. english menu available.

San Niu

japanese cuisine

Da an rd, sec. 1, alley 169 #3 tel: (02) 2708-3959 fresh sashimi and tempura shrimp. less expensive than most japanese restaurants of this quality. clean, comfortable environment.

Korean P&L B.B.Q Restaurant


(p&l 韓式烤肉), 47, longquan street. tel:+886 2 2362-1637. located near the taiwan normal university (shida) and in shida night market, this small place serves traditional korean barbecue, kimchi hot pot and spicy rice cakes.

Pusan House


(釜山館), 10, lane 13, pucheng street (second lane on right off shi-da road when traveling from heping east road). tel:+886 2 8369-3919. a small, clean korean restaurant in shida area. popular with students.

He Jiang


All you can eat korean bbq for under nt$500. fu xing s. rd sec. 1 #5 fl.3 tel: (02) 2578 3573, 0933738970


middle eastern

  • 羅斯福路三段286巷18號

8, alley 54, lane 118, heping east road, sec. 2 (across from the xinhai road entrance to taiwan national university). tel:+886 2 2738-7769, and 17 lane 283, roosevelt road, sec 3. tel:+886 2 2363-8000 ( authentic middle eastern cuisine served in a warm and cozy atmosphere.


night markets (夜市)

Aiyu Jelly (愛玉冰; ài-yù-bīng)

Oyster vermicelli

night markets (夜市)

(蚵仔麵線; ô-á mī-sòaⁿ)

night markets (夜市)

Several night markets (夜市) are located in each district. Some are open during daytime, and all are open until around midnight. Night markets consists of restaurants and stores at the permanent locations and little booths along the center. Every night market has a huge variety of food, so any night market you find is a good bet for good food. Because of the vast selection, the recommendation is to go with a few people and share the food. Vendor food is generally safe to eat, but use common sense though if you have a sensitive stomach!

The most famous one in Taipei is the Shilin Night Market (士林夜市). It is easily accessible via the MRT (red line) at either the Jiantan (劍潭) or Shilin (士林) stations. It has a large game section, and many food shops. Nearby are vendors, and haggling is appropriate here for non-food vendors, especially clothing. Also, they may raise prices for you if you don't look Taiwanese. This is known as the most "touristy" night market, and shop owners generally can speak English.

Locals in Taipei view Shilin as touristy, with food catering to the tastes of mainland visitors. Another excellent option is Ning Xia Yeshi.

Gongguan Yeshi is located on the western side of Roosevelt Road across the street from National Taiwan University (Taida). When exiting Gongguan station (green line), use exit #1 and follow the sidewalk until you see stands lining the side-streets. This night market is closed on Wednesday nights. It is known for its variety of food, and for most shop owners knowing English due to the international student population at NTU.

Shida Yeshi is a clothing-focused night market. Some food is available, but with limited options.

Ximen Yeshi is not technically a true night market, but is a very lively shopping area come sundown. It is one of the most modern markets in Taiwan, and there is often an abundance of acrobats and other street performers. It is located at Ximen Station off the MRT green line.

Longshan Yeshi is a classic part of Taipei located at Longshan Station on the MRT blue line. It is home to "Snake Alley" and the famous Longshan Temple, which is one of the largest temples in Asia. Taiwan's "red light district" is located nearby, and a number of the city's homeless congregate here due to free food offerings from the temple. However, crime is extremely low so you should not be worried!

Raohe Yeshi is one of the "most Taiwanese" night markets within a few KM of downtown. It is one long road, and is known for its local foods and cheap socks.

Danshui (Tamsui) Yeshi is located at the farthest stop on the MRT, Tamsui Station at the northern end of the red line. It is known for its beautiful view along the river, its massive ice cream cones, and its fresh, affordable seafood.

Miaokou Yeshi is located in New Taipei City, specifically Jilong (Keelung). It is right next to the Keelung Harbor, and is known for its extremely diverse food offerings, including flavored ice, fried dough, and fresh seafood.

Lehua Yeshi is located off the MRT yellow line. It is in very Taiwanese territory. Few shop owners speak English, and the food is notably local.

Some of the best known night market snacks are:

Oyster omelet蚵仔煎; ô-á-chian

Tianbula甜不辣; tiánbúlàLiterally "Sweet, not spicy", is a Taiwanese version of Tempura.

Stinky tofu 臭豆腐; chòudòufǔ

Mango ice芒果冰; mángguǒbīng

Pan fried pork buns水煎包; shuǐjiānbāo

Taiwanese sausage香腸; xiāngcháng

Pearl milk tea珍珠奶茶; zhēnzhū nǎicháa classic drink invented by a tea vendor in Taichung.

Braised soy bean and tea eggs滷豆乾&茶葉蛋; lǔdòugān, cháyèdànbraised soy bean and tea eggs

Fried chicken fillet

night markets (夜市)

(雞排; jīpái)

Stir fried cuttlefish

night markets (夜市)

(生炒花枝; shēngchǎo huāzhī)

Spareribs with herbs

night markets (夜市)

(藥燉排骨; yàodùn páigǔ)

Soy braised foods

night markets (夜市)

(滷味; lǔwèi)

So Free


Gongguan station. cheap and amazing selection of vegetarian pizzas.



  • Renai Rd.

Great pizza, not greasy at all. Awesome selection of German beers from Faust brewery in Germany.


Pizza is easy to find in Taiwan with major chains such as Pizza Hut and Domino's. Besides the usual variety, Taiwan also has its localized variants e.g. seafood supreme, pepper steak, corn, peas etc.

Alleycat's Pizza


B1, 6-1 lishui street (near the intersection of xinyi road and jinshan south road). tel:886 2 2321-8949 ( generally considered by ex-pats to be the only edible and best traditional italian pizza in taipei.

Casa Della Pasta


7-1, lane 11, zhongshan north road, sec 2. tel:886 2 2567-8769. reasonably priced pizzas. authentic italian decor and staff are quite friendly.

Mary Jane's Pizza


No. 89 wenzhou st. taipei (near taida) tel:886 2 2369-5333. great thin crust pizza at reasonable prices, they also do delivery.(about 180 to 300 for a pizza) (

Lawry's Steak House


  • 台北市北投區中央北路四段538號

B1, 105 songren road. tel:886 2 2729-8555 (

Ruth's Chris Steak House


(茹絲葵), 2f, 135 minsheng east road, sec 3. tel:+886 2 2545-8888, ( perhaps taipei's best-known and best american steakhouse.

Wang Steak House


(王品台塑牛排), 169 nanjing east road, sec 4. tel:886 2 8770-7989, ( an upscale chain steakhouse known for its signature "wang steak".

Jimmy's Kitchen


77 ren ai rd., sec. 4, b1 tel:886 2 2711-7750 kobe steak, rib eye, filet mignon, and many other cuts

Tainan Tan-tsu-mien Seafood Restaurant

taiwanese cuisine

  • HuaXi St., No. 31

(台南擔仔麵), 31 huaxi street. tel:+886 2 2308-1123. legendary in the huaxi street tourist night market (snake alley).

Soy Milk King of the World

taiwanese cuisine

(世界豆漿大王), 284 yonghe road sec. 2. tel:+886 2 8927-0000. near the mrt dingxi station, located just outside of taipei city, in yonghe city. it's the original "yonghe doujiang" (from which all other places copied), it's open 24-hours and it's cheap!soy milk king of the world (

Xian Ding Wei Restaurant

taiwanese cuisine

(鮮定味), address (總店地址): 台北市長安東路一段67號(總店), tel (電話): 02 2567 3331. near to mrt zhongshan station, just take a taxi to go, should cost you around nt$100 max.


taiwanese cuisine

(青葉餐廳), 10, lane 105, zhongshan north road sec. 1. tel:+886 2 2571-3859. the most famous taiwanese restaurant in taipei, beside the zhongshan north road.

Shinyeh's Table

taiwanese cuisine

(欣葉蔥花), 2f 201 zhongxiao east road sec.4. tel:+886 2 2778-8712. near the mrt zhongxiao fuxing station, located right inside the tongling department store. it's the newest taiwanese cuisine restaurant in taipei. menu has english.

Taiwan Pa

taiwanese cuisine

(太玩吧)busniess hour 8:00pm-4:00am 1f,no.155,sec.2,anho road, taipei, tel:+886 2-2732-7010 great variety of new trend taiwanese tapas !

Niu Ba Ba (688 Beef Bowl)

taiwanese cuisine

(牛爸爸牛肉麵) zhongxiao east road, sec. 4, alley 27, lane 216, no. 16 (台北市忠孝東路四段216巷27弄16號) tel: 886-2-2778-3075 the most expensive beef noodle soup to be had in taiwan. on average this dish costs 120 nt. owner tony wong has bowls ranging from a few hundred all the way to 10,000 nt (~300 usd). the simple decor belies the intricate process wong uses to deliver beef noodles for taipei's foodies.

Thai Star

thai cuisine

Fu xing n. rd. alley 231 #2. tel: (02) 2719 6527 shrimp toast, beef stew, chicken, papaya salad are most famous dishes!

Thai Heaven Restaurant

thai cuisine

(泰平天國), 60 roosevelt rd sec. 2. tel:+886 2 2392-5969. ( near taiwan normal university (shi-da) this restaurant serves fire-hot thai cuisine. try the moon shrimp cake and green papaya salad.

Thai Guo Xiao Guan

thai cuisine

(泰國小館), 219 tingzhou rd sec. 3. (near national taiwan university) tel:+886 2 2367-0739. this small thai restaurant is in gongguan.

Andy Cuisine Restaurant

thai cuisine

(泰味廚房), banqiao city, taipei county. 板橋市華興街58號 banqiao city, huaxing street no. 58 this is the main restaurant but they have other branches at the xinpu mrt stop and jiangzicui mrt stop. food is out of this world. curries, bbq'd chicken/pork, salads are good. spicy though, just ask for "xiao la" if you would like it not as hot. its located off two mrt stops on the yongning-nangang mrt station just minutes from downtown taibei. (

King Join


No 18 shin-wei rd (tel 02-2701-3225). traditional chinese setting. (


Vegetarian food (素食) is also common fare, with the city boasting more than two hundred vegetarian restaurants and vendor stands. Another Taipei specialty is vegetarian buffets. They are common in every neighborhood, and unlike the 'all-you-can-eat' buffets listed below (which charge a set price, usually ranging from NT$250 - NT$350 including dessert and coffee/tea), the cost is estimated by the weight of the food on your plate. Rice (there is usually a choice of brown or white) is charged separately, but soup is free and you can refill as many times as you like. NT$75-120 will buy you a good sized, nutritious meal. Note that many of these veggie restaurants are Buddhist in nature and so meals do not contain garlic or onion (which traditionalists claim inflames passion).

Lotus Pavilion Restaurant


B1, 153-155 xinyi road, sec. 4 (entrance in alley behind changhwa bank. tel:+886 2 2703-5612). an upscale all-you-can-eat buffet.

Heart of the Lotus Garden


2f no. 108 xinsheng north road, sec. 2 (near intersection with jinzhou street - tel:+886 2 2560-1950). this is another upscale all-you-can-eat buffet.

Om Ah Hum


No. 6, alley 18, lane 60, taishun street (off shida road - tel:+886 2 2362-3919. located in traditional wooden building and emphasizes fresh and natural vegetarian dishes. while the red toy poodle inside the restaurant claims all the attention, don't forget to try the casserole and the flaky crust soup which are house specialties.

veggie vendor


For a special Taipei street experience, check out the veggie vendor outside No. 30, Lane 216, Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 4 (in the alleys behind the Dunhua South Road Eslite Mall and book store). The rice noodles are especially delicious and cheap and a plate of their dougan (dried tofu) makes a great side dish.



13, lane 170, xinsheng south road, sec. 1 (enter from lane 243, xinyi road, sec 2 - tel:+886 2 2358-2677). organic restaurant with zen style decor. (only tea, no longer lunch & dinner)

Thanh Ky


1, lane 6, yongkang street. tel:+886 2 2321-1579. always busy and popular with vietnamese expats and locals. rice noodle soup with spicy beef and curried beef or pork is a specialty.

walking food tours

Food Tours are an excellent way to experience a variety of local foods. They are usually lead by multi-lingual guides familiar with the local traditions. Foreign visitors will visit local more authentic eateries that might be otherwise difficult to discover and navigate.

Taipei Eats

walking food tours

Recommended for those visitors who want to get away from the usual tour routes and explore some of the local's favorite foods. (