Abu Dhabi

10th St

Is a steakhouse/bar. it is often quoted as "more of a meat market than a steakhouse" because of its solid reputation for prostitution. i wouldn't recommend a non-prostitute woman going there. it is uncomfortable and the men in the bar will probably assume you are for sale. the novotel hotel and the sands hotel are also notorious for their nightclubs that men frequent when looking to purchase a date for the night.

Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort

At the sheraton corniche is nicely decorated club and has a nice sized dance floor. if you like the local abu dhabi crowd and arabic music, this is a great place to go. the drinks can be expensive,but the presentation is entertaining. just around the corner is a quiet outside venue where you can drink and smoke sheesha near a pond.


Is a popular night club located in the royal meridian hotel not to be confused with le meridian hotel. next door to the restaurant/bar "oceans". sax is a beautifully decorated club with sleek black marble floors, two bars, a dj, and depending on the time, a jazz band. the club is often very loud and very dark with little more than lasers lighting the room. it's not a place to go if you expect to talk at all, at least not on a weekend night. collared shirts are required for men, and sneakers usually don't pass the bouncers either. it's not uncommon to have to pay an entry fee. there are free drinks for the ladies on wednesday nights, so expect it to be crowded.

Rock Bottom
Al Diar Hotel

At the capital hotel, is one of the most popular night club locations in all of abu dhabi. it stays open later than most venues, and is cheaper. if you get there early enough, they have decent food you can enjoy in the restaurant area. they have both a live band and an excellent dj, along with black lights and lasers. there is even a hot dog stand later in the night, providing some delicious drunk snacks. thur nights can get extremely crowded, be warned.

The Yacht Club
c/o InterContinental مقابل فندق انتركونتيننتل

At the intercontinental hotel is newer bar/restaurant, and offers a gorgeous view of the sunset over the marina if you sit outside. inside has a very modern, minimalistic feel. the cocktails are delicious, but expensive.

Hilton Abu Dhabi

Hilton abu dhabi corniche west – there are three different places inside. the main restaurant has a good tex-mex menu, a wide selection of beer on tap and features live music in the evening. jazz bar – the second venue, has great food and a good jazz band. the band normally changes every six months or so, but the quality is consistent and they take requests. the bartenders normally put on a show by tossing bottles around while mixing a mean cocktail. the third place is cinnabar, a nightclub that normally gets going after midnight, although it can be a nice place for a quiet drink early in the evening, even though bartenders there can be rude. the music is mostly house/club, although they have a salsa night.


Is a friendly sports grill/bar. located in the crowne hotel's basement, it offers reasonable meals, and fair drink prices. the bar is often full of men and women watching various sports games on television. later at night they have a dj and a live band that play softer rock songs. it is a pleasant place to hang out with friends, though the lack of windows or ventilation can make it stuffy and smoke-filled quickly.

Mardi Gras
Capital hotel

Is a small restaurant/bar located in the capital hotel. its ambiance reminds one of a spa. the service is good, the drinks are reasonable, and the food is tasty. the band often leaves much to be desired, and the dj is worse.

The Captain's Arms
Le Meridien Abu Dhabi Hotel

Le meridien eastern abu dhabi – traditional british pub located in the hotel courtyard. the pub features traditional food and a great selection of beer on tap. the large terrace is great during the cooler months of the year. a typical hang-out for the expat crowd, but try to get there early, as it attracts a large after-work crowd.

Left Bank
Souk Qaryat al Beri

At the souk at the shangrila hotel between the two bridgesis a popular and lively spot. it serves a wide range of interesting cocktails try the pineapple-ginger collins as well as nicely prepared and presented meals. they are still new so they are trying a little harder right now, and the service tends to be pretty good. worth the 15 to 20-minute trip out of the downtown core.

Trader Vic's

Is a famous cocktail bar/restaurant located in the beach rotana hotel connected to the abu dhabi mall. the flattering lighting, interesting menu, and soft but fun island music make this a great place for a date or hanging out with people you actually want to talk to. the cocktail menu is pages long, and ordering a complicated fruity concoction is a must. the drinks may be a little on the expensive side at times, but the atmostphere is great. try ordering one of their two or four person drinks, which come in a giant fishbowl. they're a lot of fun if you don't mind sharing!

Lebanese Flowerr
downtown Abu Dhabi

Great food and nice atmosphere.


Le meridien eastern abu dhabi is a polynesian-themed cocktail bar located at the far end of the courtyard, right on the water. the cocktails are amazing. the navy grog is highly recommended. it has a nice view at night, over the water.

The Embassy

Is a fairly new nightclub in the emirates palace hotel. though drinks are expensive, it is worth a visit. the grand hotel is a must-see in abu dhabi and the actual club is nicely decorated, comfortable, has great service, a balcony overlooking the hotel grounds, and provides a fun time with great music and very colorful laser shows.

Only restaurants located in hotels are allowed to serve alcohol. Therefore, all nightlife is associated with hotels. The drinking age is 21, but most places don't care. Unlike some other Middle Eastern nations, the bars in Abu Dhabi will be able to accommodate most drink orders.

Technically, you are supposed to purchase a permit to buy alcohol for private storage, although Spinney's and other liquor stores usually take proof that you aren't a local Muslim a military ID or driver's license.

Rabbit Hutch

The dedicated British Embassy Rabbit Hutch is a nice pub with music, a pool and a small play area for children. Although you have to know someone on the inside to get into this rather exclusive pub, the British friends and the refreshing pool is definitely worth it. They do all sorts of drinks, but don't ask for a martini, on the rocks, shaken not stirred.


Is a 'traditional' irish pub in the royal meridian hotel, boasting brunch buffets and a long happy hour. the majority of the guests are usually english/british/american/australian. there is something entertaining going on every day of the week, from 'quiz night' to 'ladies night'. if you want to start drinking early, this is the place to go. no one will bat an eye if you order beer with brunch, and you'll probably find yourself staying for more than one round. the music earlier in the day is a mix of oldies and rock with faster-tempo songs for the late night crowd. this is also a great place to come to watch sports, as the quiet daytime atmosphere and televisions throughout ensure a pleasant experience. the outdoor seating near the hotel's pool is also a great asset on cooler days.