The national currency is the lek ALL.

Notice that some Albanians will say prices with an extra zero. They are not trying to charge you 10 times the going rate; they are merely using the old currency. The accurate price is in the new currency and can be found on a written sign or posting.

Hundreds of new ATMs have been installed in most major cities. Use the MasterCard ATM Locator. ( or Visa ATM Locator (http://visa.via.infonow.n...) to find them. ATMs accept most international VISA and MasterCard Credit/Debit cards.

Many rural convenience stores will not accept any other method of payment other than cash currently in Albanian lek. However, supermarkets, the better book stores and the better boutique stores will accept credit or debit cards. The most widely accepted cards are VISA, MasterCard, and Diner's Club.

In all Albanian cities you can find numerous shops which offer different goods of well-known brands. Of great interest to tourists are the traditional bazaars of Kruja, Korca, Shkodra, and Gjirokastra dhe Tirana, where you can find artisan works produced by Albanians over the years. You can buy carved wooden objects, ceramics, embroidered things with popular motifs, and copper objects. Albanian shops are usually open from 09:00 to 20:00 until 22:00 in the summer. Most shops are open on Sunday.

Today many, if not all, Albanians accept the euro.

Souvenirs: raki, alabaster bunker ashtrays

Currency Amount LekConversion
Euro 1 139.6
US dollar 1 132.8
pound sterling UK 1 161.9
Australian dollar 1 109.2
Canadian dollar 1 103.7

As of February 2013