It will not be difficult to find a place to sleep, unless you visit Dhermi in August, in this month you need to book in advance or the only choice will be the camp sites.

There are hotels at Dhermi, and also several resorts a few kilometres to the South West in Drymades Beach. To reach this, take the right fork in the SH8 road as you are going down towards Dhermi and follow the rough track past some farms. Resorts have some expensive chalets and a patch of waste ground to pitch a tent on for 500 Lek. Far better to pitch the tent down the beach a few hundred yards and use their bar and restaurant.If you get a room in the village it will not cost you less than 20 euro, but if you rent one near the beach it will cost you for 20 euro up to 40 euro, depending on the location and high season. If you search you will find some rooms for 4 persons up to 5 euro per person a night.Also there are some camping sites available costing 4 euro per person.

You can camp on the beach or under the orange tree near the beach as it is not forbidden to camp around the place.