By plane

By plane
By plane

From Andorra la Vella, La Massana or Arinsal to airports, the journey for a maximum of 4 passengers takes around 30 minutes and costs €3,000.

By plane
By plane

There are no airports in Andorra. The nearest airports are:

Perpignan France 128km to the east, no coach connections but you can take a Yellow train to La Tour de Carol and farther to L'Hospitalet.

Carcassonne France 130km to the North North East. 2 hours by car, depending on weather. Ryanair offers cheap flights to Carcassonne from limited European airports.

Lleida Spain 157km to the south, Lleida-Alguaire Flights from the UK only during the ski season, chartered by Thomas Cook Airport is 2.5 hours away from Andorra by bus. This airport was chosen in 2011 by the UK-Based tour operator "Neilson" to cater to tourists visiting the ski resorts. Flights arrive/depart on Sundays. For independent travelers, getting to Andorra from Lleida Airport can be difficult, as Montmantell bus company will leave you in Lleida town, a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport.

Toulouse–Blagnac France 196km to the north. You can pre-book a coach or a taxi from Toulouse Airport to all the resorts in Andorra with Andorra Airport Transfers. (http://www.andorraairport...)

Barcelona Spain 202km to the south. There are frequent connections to Andorra from Barcelona.

From airports to Andorra by car: 3 hours

An airport for Andorra
Catalan Government developed a Pirineus - la Seu d'Urgell airport also known as Pirineus-Andorra airport ( at Seu d'Urgell but there are no scheduled flights there.

Due mainly to the mountainous nature of Andorra, there is only one road entering Andorra from France and only one widely-used road entering Andorra from Spain. Almost all entry into the country happens at one of these two points.

Andorra is not a member of the EU, EEA or Schengen Area. However, Andorra is a member of the EU Customs Union and is treated as an EU member for trade in manufactured goods no tariffs and as a non-EU member for agricultural products.

Visitors from outside the EU should note that, as Andorra is not a Schengen member, exiting France or Spain into Andorra will theoretically terminate a single-entry visa. In practice, though, immigration does not enforce this, seeing as one must re-enter the Schengen Area in order to travel onwards.

By bus
By bus

There are many coach services operating into Andorra. From France there is a coach service, Novatel ( from Toulouse the bus station Matabiau and from the Toulouse–Blagnac airport. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure as the driver will leave once everyone who was waiting has boarded. The Novatel bus is easily identified by its name in large letters on the side. The bus stop at the Toulouse airport is close to where the fire truck is parked. A second coach service operates via L'Hospitalet and La Tour de Carol. From Spain, coaches to Andorra can be caught from a variety of locations, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Lleida and Valencia.

There are at least two bus companies offering daily service from the Barcelona airport. Eurolines departs from outside the door of Terminal B, but you must be early and quick because the driver has a habit of arriving early and driving off if no one is there. Also, you don't pay for the ticket at the airport, but rather have to travel to the Barcelona Sants and get off there to buy a ticket. Service is slow. One should also remember that you will need to show your passport here. Trip time is about 3.5 to 4 hours.

Novatel also operates a service from the Barcelona airport, outside Terminal 1 and 15 minutes later outside Terminal 2. €33 one-way or €56 for a round-trip as of April 2014, tickets available on the official website (http://www.andorrabybus.c...) or on the bus.

Autocars Nadal also travels between Andorra and Barcelona and its airport.

The bus company Alsina Graells has eight trips a day from Barcelona. The trip takes 3.5-4 hours and costs €23 one-way and €40 round trip.

Alsa ( has daily trips between Barcelona and Andorra.

By train
By train

There are no train lines or stations in Andorra, and none close to the Spanish border. The nearest rail stations are:

L'Hospitalet France, 3 km 1.8 mi from the Andorran border. Served by SNCF ( trains from Toulouse, in addition to a sleeper service to/from Paris.

Puigcerdà Spain, 80 km 50 mi from Andorra.

That said, buses operate daily from L'Hospitalet to Pas de la Casa, the first town after the Andorran border, from where it's possible to take frequent buses to Andorra la Vella — every 30min with Cooperativa Interurbana line 4 +376 806 556, ( or cia Hispano-Andorrana +376 807 000, ( Timetables can be found here (http://www.transportpubli...).

The Hispano Andorra Bus departs Andorra la Vella at 5:45 and Pas de la Casa at 6:40 and arrives in L'Hospitalet at 7:10, departing L'Hospitalet at 7:45 and arriving in Pas de la Casa at 8:15 and in Andorra la Vella at 9:10.The evening bus departs Andorra la Vella at 16:45 and Pas de la Casa at 18:15 and arrives in L'Hospitalet at 18:50, departing L'Hospitalet at 19:45 and arriving in Pas de la Casa at 20:10 and in Andorra la Vella at 21:00.Oneway fare from Pas de la Casa to L'Hospitalet is 4,50 €. Buses run every day except December 25th.

Reaching Andorra by train is only cost-effective for holders of SNCF discount cards such as Carte 12-25 or those coming on the sleeper train from Paris; other travelers would be better off taking a direct bus service from nearby cities like Toulouse. In any case, everybody under 26 years-old traveling off-peak hours with SNCF is entitled to the "Découvert 12-25" discount.

Caution: One should bear in mind that the L'Hospitalet train station is located in a deserted area, is often unmanned, and its rooms have restricted open hours, so it's important to match connections well. If you need assistance, you may want to call the Toulouse train station at +33 8 91 67 76 77.

By car
By car

Roads in Andorra are generally of a good quality. Entering on the main road from the Spanish side is a relatively straightforward drive; however, entering from France is a more stressful affair involving many hairpin bends. Border control officers at both sides are generally fine. Entering Andorra, you generally do not need to even stop, but you must slow down and be prepared to stop if it's requested. When leaving Andorra, you must stop and be prepared for delays during busy times. Be sure your car is in good condition - Andorra has many steep roads at high altitude.

Also beware of black ice and snow drifts as the temperature in Andorra can be much colder than at sea level.

If entering from France, one can pass through the 2.9km long Tunel d'Envalira, which requires a fee payable by cash or credit/debit card. The amounts are: Winter remainder of year

Cars €6.60 €5.80

Others €16.70 €10.70

Winter is from 1 Dec-31 Mar

Car rental The usual car hire companies operate from Andorra la Vella / Santa Coloma. The desks are sometimes quiet and unmanned, so it may be a good idea to book in advance online.

From November to April, it is prudent to have winter tires and/or snow chains available for your car. In very snowy road conditions, cars without winter tires or snow chains may not be allowed to drive. This is often enforced at police checkpoints on access roads to the ski resorts and on mountain passes such as the CS-311 and the road above Pas de la Casa.

Drivers are considered to be at fault in fatal accidents, and are always prosecuted and usually imprisoned.

Taxi Taxi Josep provides a Mercedes Benz car and speaks many languages Tel: 376 323111; Taxi Domènec Segura provides a van but does not speak English or French tel: 34 636 490 685. Taxi Josep can arrange the ride with Taxi Domènec Segura if you absolutely need a van. Payment must be in cash.

Taxi Barras 376 323743 provides local service.