Belarus is visited by about 100,000 tourists annually; during the same period about 12 million people went from the country as tourists. The profit from foreign tourism amounts to less than USD200 per each tourist. The volume of tourism in total export makes up 1%. The most popular among the visitors are: Minsk City — 40% of visitors; Grodno - 32%; Brest - 22%, Vitebsk - 5%.

Khatyn Memorial - This is one of the many WWII memorials in Belarus. The site of the former village is now the Khatyn WWII Memorial, which was opened in 1969. The only remaining structures from the original homes are the brick chimneys, which now hold bells that sound occasionally.

Mount of Glory
This hill, topped by four bayonets, was built from the scorched earth of the nine "Hero Cities" of the USSR and battlegrounds of WWII in honor of the Red Army. It was built in the area of the last battle in Belarus.

Stalin Line - The museum of the largest defence line build before the WWII. Presents the collection of weapon of all the XX century.

Minsk at night
The excursion is created in order to show the most significant and beautiful places of Minsk at night-time. Privokzalnaya square, The "City Gates", Nezavisimosti square a political and administrative center of the city, the House of the Government, the Red Catholic Church and so on are included into the list of the objects on route. (