"Legal theft". Most hotels in Minsk are safe. However, be aware of the Belarusian trick. Since Belarusians are very afraid of the authorities and thus of committing a crime, some corrupt hotels may practice a very annoying way of stealing, so called "legal theft" involving maids often in conspiracy with the reception personnel. While cleaning your room in your absence they may hide your personal belongings in the most outrageous parts of your room, combining bizarre sets of items, such as a cellular phone with a piece of bread, a wallet with a cheap magazine or a pair of glasses !. The trick is: if you miss them, the maid will come and collect them later, if you report the items missing or find them by yourself you won't be able to do a thing since the items never left the room, it is not considered a theft. The personnel may also ridicule your allegation by pointing out why on earth they would want to hide some bread or a hotel magazine - they just accidentally tucked the items away while cleaning. Avoid such unpleasant situations by always locking your valuables in the hotel safe or at least taking them with you. Before checking out, always search the room thoroughly wardrobes, cabinets, deep shelves, behind sofas and radiators.