Activiteiten Gent & Antwerpen
Rerum Novarumlaan 132
+32 475 696 880

Great boat tours around Ghent and Antwerp.

Ducasse de Mons

Yearly parade in the city of mons that celebrates the release of a legendary dragon which is displayed every year in the city


The biennial celebration of the brusseler's spirit - the theme changes each time and involves costumes and chariots made by volunteers and locals.

DOCVILLE - International Documentary Film Festival
Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven
+32 16 320300

International Documentary Film Festival at the beginning of May, with national and international competition in the city of Leuven. Selected films have a focus on cinematography.

Graspop Metal Meeting

Yearly heavy metal festival held in the town of Dessel, in June.

Carnival de Binche - Three days in February the town of Binche is transported back to the 16th century for one of the most fantastic festivals of the year. Highlighted by music parades and fireworks, the climax of this event is when the Gilles appear on the Grand Place and throw oranges to the spectators. This infamous festivity has been classified as part of the world's cultural heritage by UNESCO along with its renowned Gilles.

Rock Werchter - end of June, beginning of July, Werchter.

Dour festival - "European Alternative Music Event" in Dour.

Pukkelpop - mid-August at Kiewit, Hasselt - one of the biggest alternative music festivals in the world, showcasing around 150 artists on 8 stages over a three day span.


Built for the 1958 brussels world fair expo ’58, it is a 102 meter tall representation of an atomic unit cell. more precisely, it is symbolic of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. nine steel spheres 16 metres in diameter connect via tubes with elevators 32 metres long.

Gentse Feesten, 2nd half of July. Huge, ten day street festival in the historical centre of Ghent. The biggest street festival in Europe, with theatre, music in all genres, techno parties, and so on - Gentse Feesten


A parade in brussels that celebrates the beginning of the reign of charles v of habsburg. it takes place on the stunning cityscape of the grand place and involves thousands of stunts in period costume.

24 hours cycling, Louvain-La-Neuve

Louvain-la-neuve is in wallonia not far from brussels. it's a small pedestrian city created in the 60's for the french-speaking students. every year, in october, they organize a bicycle competition. actually, the course is a pretext to enjoy the event... and to drink beers. this party is one of the most important for consumption of beers in the whole of europe.

Belgian Beer Tour

Belgian beer tour is a tour operator specializing in tours of belgium breweries. it offers a great way for beer lovers to visit their favourite breweries and discover new ones. the tours cover a wide range of beers and appeals to connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

International Short Film Festival Leuven
Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven
+32 16 320300
4.5-6 euro

International Short Film Festival with many foreign guests and directors. Focus on the best Flemish and European short films.

De Schorre, Boom

A reconstructed 19th century village brings history here alive.

The different stages of education are the same in all communities:

Basic education Dutch: basisonderwijs; French: enseignement fondamental, consisting of Pre-school kleuteronderwijs; einseignement maternel: -6 years Primary school lager onderwijs; enseignement primaire: 6-12 years

Pre-school kleuteronderwijs; einseignement maternel: -6 years

Primary school lager onderwijs; enseignement primaire: 6-12 years

Secondary school secundair onderwijs; enseignement secondaire: 12-18 years

Higher education hoger onderwijs; enseignement supérieure University universiteit; université Polytechnic hogeschool; haute école

University universiteit; université

Polytechnic hogeschool; haute école

Education is organized by the regions Dutch-speaking Flanders on the one hand, French and German speaking Wallonia on the other and the small federal district of Brussels has schools run by both the Flemish and Walloon authorities. Both states recognize independent school networks, which cater to far more students than the state schools themselves. Most Flemish students go to a Flemish Catholic school. However, every independent school needs to follow the official state curriculum, and catholicism in Flanders has long been extremely liberal anyway.

Having one of the highest labour taxes in Europe, Belgium is struggling to reposition itself as a high-tech country. In that struggle, Flanders is far ahead and much wealthier than Wallonia, in contrast to the previous decades, where Wallonia's steel industry was the main export of Belgium. Highly skilled people will have the most chance to find work, and knowing multiple languages Dutch, French, English and perhaps German is almost a standard requirement. Interim offices providing temporary jobs are flourishing in a search to avoid the high labour taxes.

Belgium has one of the highest tax rates in the world. An employer who pays a salary about €1500 a month actually pays another €1500 or more in taxes. Where does this money go to? It goes to the social network. People only pay a small charge for healthcare, for example. And the budget for education, arts and culture is enormous. The budget for defense is however very tiny.

Although Belgium is undesirable for building wealth, it's a good place for someone who already is wealthy to reside because there is very little capital gains tax some forms of capital gain is not taxed at all.