Annual Fish Stew Festival August on Usora river beach.

Watch Proleter Teslic Football Club (http://www.fsrs.org/?n=mo...) at Radolinka Stadium by the river Usora.

Hunt with Lovačko društvo "Borja" The Official Hunting Organization of Teslic, Marka Pejića H-28, Tel: 053/430-810

Try fresh testing mineral water at Banja Vrucica Springs 2.5KM from Teslic main square

With one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe in some areas up to 40%, official rate 17%, it will be unlikely you will find legitimate employment in the country unless you are working for a multi-national organisation. Try looking into local NGO's including OSCE (http://www.oscebih.org/os...), EUFOR (http://www.euforbih.org/eufor/) or USAID (http://www.usaid.gov/loca...).