The legal drinking age in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 18 yearschanged in 2005. Popular beers are Banjalucko Nektar beer . Even in more heavily Islamic areas alcohol is available in abundance to those who choose to drink and almost every bar is fully stocked.

"Rakija' which comes in many a variety and is made both commercially and at home. Red wine is 'Crno vino' Black wine and white wine is 'bjelo vino'. Alcohol is not taxed as heavily as in most Western nations and is often very affordable. Quality alcohol is sought after and valued.

Tip: How to toast, Serb style: Like everywhere, Serbs from Bosnia love to toast when in good company, whether it's in a pub or in the home with friends. When toasting, it is expected that you look your friends at the table directly in the eyes whilst clinking glasses as a sign of respect. Say 'Živjeli!' cheers! to everyone and take a sip. Repeat as necessary, and enjoy a night out in Teslic!

XL Club, Karadjordjevića 55, 1000 spinning Disko, House, Electro, Reggae, Techno, etc.