The most available food in Teslic is Cevapi normally 2-4 KM, the ubiquitous Balkan kebab. Two prominent variations exist - the "Banja Luka" Cevap, a larger kebab with a square shape, and the Sarajevo Cevap, smaller and round. If not had before, every visitor should try an order of Cevapi at least once. There are several variations of pita around 2KM, a sometimes-greasy pastry made of filo dough and stuffed with meat Burek, cheese Sirnica, spinach Zeljanica, potatoes Krompirusa or apple Jabukovaca.

Local food is heavy on meat and fish, and light on vegetarian alternatives. Even traditional so-called vegetarian dishes like beans or Pasulj are cooked with bacon or smoked meats. Stews often contain meat but can be created without. Fast food, with the exceptions of cevapi and pita or burek consists of, like in other parts of Europe, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. Pannini sandwiches are served in most coffee shops popular with the youth, and Serbian coffee, reminiscent of Turkish coffee, is a must-try for any coffee aficionado.

Plavi Cvet, popular restaurant in a city center serving local food including great pasulj, stuffed peppers, mixed grilled meat and more. Plavi cvet s.u.r. 74270 Teslić, Svetog Save 32. Tel. 065 567 402.

Picerija Zlatne kapi, Karađorđeva bb, Tel: 053/430-995

Restoran Krajina, Svetog Save 64, Tel: 053/436-364