Liplje Monastery
(http://www.manastirliplje.com/) Through the mountains from Teslic to Banja Luka is a stunning Orthodox monastery from the 14th century. Liplje Monastery's Liplje bb; tel: 053 441 022 architecture lends itself to one of the most beautiful sacred places in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is open to visitors.

In Teslic town the local Orthodox Art Gallery and Museum exhibitions Svetog Save 60; tel: 053 736 363 are certainly a worthwhile visit. You may find reasonably priced gifts and handmade souvenirs that are distinctly Byzantine in style.

Duke Momčilo Stones
About 5 km to the South-East from the city center there is a location of medieval tombstones of Duke Momčilo.
Rastusa Caves
(http://www.rastuskepecine...) located between Teslic and Doboj, about 12 km from the city center. Tel: + 387 53 445 754