The geographical position of Neum is very convenient for tourists, because of its proximity to the major tourism destinations in neighbouring Croatia.Considering that the price of accommodation and food in Neum is much lower than in nearby destinations in Croatia, Neum is very popular with travelers who prefer good value for their money. Dubrovnik International Airport is only 85 km away from Neum, and there are regular bus lines from Dubrovnik to Neum along with multiple buses to Mostar and Sarajevo; additionally, most of the hotels and some of the private accommodation in Neum are available to book on line.

Hotel accommodation generally of the Tito-era concrete monstrosity variety is somewhat more expensive than private accommodation, but still far cheaper than in surrounding destinations in Croatia. The average price for half board in hotels ranges from €30 low season to €70 high season per night per person and price of private accommodation can be as low as €10 per night per person, but it could also be more expensive if it is villa or aparthotel accommodation type.

When entering this part of the country by bus it is very unlikely that your passport will be stamped, so those looking for a Bosnian entry stamp will be disappointed. If a border guard does check your passport they are unlikely to even have a stamp. Buses, especially those coming from Croatia and returning to Croatia are often not even stopped for passport checks at the border, especially if the driver doesn't intent on stopping for a break in Neum, although it is always worth keeping it on you if you know your bus is going to be crossing.