Czech Republic

Citizens of EU can work in the Czech Republic without a work permit otherwise you'll need a work visa. The easiest way to live and work in the Czech Republic as an English speaking person is to teach English. Several institutions offer English teaching certificates, and it is possible to earn your certificate in Prague or other large cities in the country.For instance, (http://www.teflcourserevi...) has many different TEFL course reviews where you can obtain a TEFL certificate.

Finding a job at a school should not be difficult as knowledge of English is in high demand. The work does not pay well, and the top end entry level jobs at schools will pay around 20,000 KC per month$1,000. This is more than enough to live comfortably as long as you do not over extend yourself.

In order to become legal to do this you must either obtain a work visa or a Zivnostensky list. The work visa allows you to work for one company and require a university degree. The Zivnostensky does not require a degree, but requires a bank account balance in excess of 110,000 KC$5,100 roughly. This "Z list" will allow to work as a freelancer doing whatever you wish.

Other work in the tourism industry is possible. Hostels, hotels, restaurants, city tours, and others are always looking for English speaking staff.

Prague is probably the best place to foreigners to look for a job because there are many multinational and English speaking companies.

The most popular websites to search for a job are ( and ( Or interesting job offers are on ( These websites are free to use.

There are many flexible office solutions in Prague and other large cities that enable you to rent office space for a short term. See for example Regus ( There are also coworking spaces in every large city. See list of coworking spaces (


Many places in the Czech Republic are great for swimming, and there are many designated public swimming areas called koupaliště. A list of places suitable for swimming is available here: ( However, be aware that in hot weather the quality of the water in some places can fall below EU standard regulations.


Although the Czech Republic is a land-locked country, it does have a lot of nudist/naturist beaches near lakes. A full list is available here: ( Full nudity on other beaches is legal, but rare, and usually only happens in non-crowded places.


Czech Republic has an excellent and sophisticated system of trail blazing, marked trails are about everywhere. Choose an area, buy a hiking map for the area best brand is "Klub českých turistů", 1:50000 military based maps covering the whole country, available in most large bookstores and go.Marked trails can also be seen on online maps (