Like their neighbours the Finns and the Russians, the Estonians know their alcohol. The two largest breweries are Saku ( and A. Le Coq (, which both offer a variety of different beers. Recent years have seen a surge in local micro-breweries, the products of which are becoming more and more available in larger shops. Baltic Porters Põhjala öö, Saku Porter are strong and heavy dark beers with a touch of caramel to be had in winter.The best-known local vodka is Viru Valge Vironian White ( and then there's the surprisingly smooth and tasty rum-like herbal liquor Vana Tallinn Old Tallinn (, famous in the countries of former USSR.

A local soft drink is "Kali" the Estonian equivalent of "kvass", made from fermented brown bread. It can be described as an acquired taste.

Many locals also swear by "keefir", a fermented milk concoction.