Faroe Islands

Government monopoly stores

government monopoly stores

Rúsdrekkasøla Landsins,Hoyvíksvegur 51, FO-100 Tórshavn

government monopoly stores

Rúsdrekkasøla Landsins Heiðavegur,FO-600 Saltangará

government monopoly stores

Rúsdrekkasøla LandsinsDrelnes, FO-800 Tvøroyri

government monopoly stores

Rúsdrekkasøla Landsinsá Mølini, FO-220 Skálavík

The legal drinking age in the Faroes is eighteen. The Faroese love to party, and drinking is much more popular than doing drugs. There are two brands of Faroese beer: Føroya Bjór and Okkara. Føroya Bjór is well established and is the oldest of the two breweries. It as picked up occasional awards abroad. Okkara was recently established and can only be bought in cans.

Alcoholic drinks are very expensive. Light beer may be purchased in shops and unlicensed restaurants and cafés. Stronger beer, wine and spirits can only be purchased in the Government Monopoly stores in major towns and in licensed restaurants, cafés and bars etc.


For a coffee go to the Western harbour "Vágsbotn" - just below Tórshavn Dome and have a cup of coffee at café Kaffihúsið. Kaffihúsi is located down by the sea and has a very nice atmosphere.

The Café Dugni is located in the middle of town. Bill Clinton had a cup of coffee there when he visited the islands a few years back. At dugni you can buy Faroes handicrafts while having coffee and home made faroese cookies at the same time.

Other Cafés include Café Kaspar at hotel Hafnia, and Baresso at the shoppingcenter SMS. Hvonn is one of the most popular places at night, keeping it sophisticated and clean, and also includes a brasserie.


There are few bars and nightclubs outside of the capital. Rokkstoavn is the only bar in Klaksvík. In Tórshavn the real Nightlife is down by the harbour. Here you can find the bar Cirkus Føroyar, where musicians hang out. Hvonn is at Hotel Tórshavn again situated by the harbour, across the street from Cirkus. Most young people come here during the Weekends.

The bar Café Natúr is close by. Every wednsday there is a pub quiz at Café Natúr. The wooden interiors is similar to English / Irish pubs, and have live music usually in the form of a singer / guitarist.

In the Another place is Cleopatra right in the town center which has a restaurant on the lower floor, with the main bar on the next floor up. The entrance to the bar is up some green felt stairs.

A nightclub is Rex, at third floor in the same building as "Havnar Bio", the cinema. You need to be 21 to get in.

For young people the nightclub Deep is a place to visit. It is the same as in most European cities. You have to be eighteen to get in.