Stallhagen beer

Made by ã…lands bryggeri ab and available in most bars and restaurants in the islands. the most common stallhagen beer type is the traditional, light lager. but stallhagen also comes in a wide range of other beer types with names like dark lager, dunkles, oktoberfest and delicat. and there's no doubt where it comes from: the flag of ã…land is on the label.

Tjudö Vineyard

(http://www.goaland.net/in...) has three own home-distillers. they distils scandinavian vodka from the fruits at the vineyard. the apple vodka is called ã…lvados, which is a kind of calvados. they also make wine - vã¤stergã¥rds ã„ppelvin - with apples that has ripened on the farm's own trees. you can visit the vineyard, walk around among the fruit trees and see how the wine is produced. the guided tour ends in the old threshing house and here you can sample the drinks directly from the wine cellar.