Recipe: Ålands pancakes

Porridge to be used in pancake:500 ml milk75 ml gruel rice OR wheat semoline cream of wheat1/2 ts salt

4 eggs

700 ml milk

50 ml sugar

350 ml wheat flour

10 ml cardamom powder

10 ml vanilla sugar

100 ml melted butter

Make the porridge
using using the instructions of package. Let it cool a bit.
Add other ingredients
to the porridge and mix it to a stable pancake dough.
Pour the dough in a well oiled pan
and bake in 225°C oven about 30 minutes until the pancake is smoothly brown.
Serve with plum jelly
or raspberry jelly and whipped cream

Blackbread, as the name implies the bread is almost black. it is round and quite flat but its most characteristic feature is the taste. the blackbread is sweet. the sweetness originates from the syrup that is added to the dough and from the manner in which the bread is baked in the oven.


From the local ã…ca dairy is of high quality. the kastelholm cheese is particularly recommended, and works well with blackbread. its roots can be traced back to the 16th century.

Åland’s pancake

Traditional and delicious ã…lands dessert. the pancake is made on grain of rice or semolina and served with stewed plums and whipped cream.