Europa Point
where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, and from which the coast of Africa can be seen
Africa! (from above)
Great views for both east and west sides of colony + less common view of Africa with Rock in frame. Walk south along the western side of the Rock's top from the cable car station, until coming to chain link fence gate, then go up winding dirt path to left until walking on bare stone at rock's crest.
Upper Rock
military installation, and nature reserve where the famous monkeys live Barbary Macaques
St Michael's Cave
an impressive natural grotto used by the neolithic inhabitants of the Rock
Siege Tunnels
a system of tunnels dug during the Great Siege which acted as a defence system
Dolphin Watching
short trips in the bay several times a day - there are plenty of playful dolphins to see
Gibraltar Museum
The Mediterranian Steps
for those not afraid of walking and with a head for heights, this is a walk that starts at Jew's Gate bird observatory at the end of Engineer Road and winds its way up the east side of the rock to the top. The views are fantastic, and the path underwent renovation work in 2007, so it is less treacherous than it has been in the past. If you don't fancy the uphill struggle, you can always get the cable car up and then come down this way.

Stop by the tourist office in Casemates Square if entering by land, this is immediately after passing through Landport tunnel. The tourist office will give you a map and recommend the following basic itinerary. Take bus #3 from Market Place around the corner of the tourist office to Europa Point. Take pictures and enjoy Europa Point with the rest of the tourists. Then take the bus back towards Market Place but get off at the cable cars. Ask the driver for help, but you will see the cable cars before the stop. Take the cable cars up to see the Upper Rock and Nature Reserve. Then take the cable car down and walk main street back to Landport tunnel.

Cable cars run from 09.30 until 19.45 to the Upper Rock, but the last car up the hill might leave as early as 19.00. A "cable car and nature reserve" ticket costs £20.50 return, this includes entrance to the cave, the Great Siege Tunnels, the City Under Siege exhibition, the Moorish Castle and the Apes' Den. A return cable car ticket without any additional entrance tickets costs £10.50 and comes with three hours of free Wi-Fi usage at the top. The best option, however is to buy a one way version of this ticket £18.50 and walk down the Rock, seeing the sights, monkeys and views on the way- although sensible shoes, a hat and plenty of water are required. Alternatively, a 'Taxi-Tour' typically for 8 people in an MPV will cost more for a 1.5h tour, and this includes the fees for entry to the Cave, tunnels and upper rock- this does of course save walking and is a more comfortable experience.

In the summer season April to September the middle cable car station is closed. The rest of the year however, you can do a return trip by taking the cable car up to the top, walking to St Michael's Cave and through the nature reserve to the Apes' Den intermediate station and returning to town by cable car.

A very informative Historic Walking Guide to Gibraltar can be purchased online or in local book shops and provides an excellent companion for those wanting to enjoy Gibraltar's best sites on foot.