Budget options

budget options
Emile Youth Hostel
Montagu Bastion, Line Wall Road
+350 51106 / +350 57686000
Centrally located just off Casemates Square

A family-run hostel with basic shared rooms for £15 or €25, though the dad only wanted €20. including continental breakfast consisting of two prices of toast and jam.It should be noted that the kitchen is not for guests use. Certainly not the best,but closest thing to the border. As of 2011 the charge for a bed in the dorm is £17. They also charge for washing clothes £5 and for the wireless internet £5. Well they will probably never change the wifi password: E244F2DDE8 . Be sure to type it with caps. There are no longer free breakfast, also you are not allowed to bring your own food into hostel probably because they have their own cafe right now. Although expensive at £17 per night, it's a quiet nice place to relax.

budget options
The Cannon Hotel
Cannon Lane

9 cannon lane, just off the middle of main street, ( single room and breadkfast for â£30.00.

Luxury options

luxury options
The Rock Hotel
Casemates Square

Europa road, (http://www.rockhotelgibra...) located approximately 400 metres south of the entrance to main street, up a fairly steep hill, the rock hotel isn't as central as some of the others mentioned here, but has great views of the bay. it's one of the more expensive hotels in gibraltar and was where john lennon and yoko ono got married.

luxury options
The Caleta Hotel
Catalan bay

Catalan bay, ( on the opposite side of the rock, is about a 2 miles by road from the town centre. the upside to this is a quiet relaxing atmosphere, that you're unlikely to get in the town centre.

luxury options
The Bristol Hotel

The Bristol Hotel , Cathedral Square, ( near the south end of Main Street.

luxury options
The Elliot Hotel

The Elliot Hotel, Governor's Parade, ( is just off Main Street, located roughly half-way between the Cannon, and The Queens. Good location and good quality.