Víkurbraut 24
+354 478 2200

Restaurant located the same building as Hótel Höfn, specialising in local food at rather high prices.

Ránarslóð 2
+354 478 1095

A fast food joint with burgers and subs. It also functions as a drive-through, though given that Höfn is less than a kilometre across the popularity of this is intriguing.

Hafnarbraut 4
+354 478 1200
Next to the harbor, and the youth hostel

Specializing in lobster humar in Icelandic, this slightly up-scale restaurant serves absolutely delicious food in a historic building close to the harbor. Officially only open in summer, but do phone in low season, they may open the restaurant just for you with no extra fees.

Kaffi Hornið
Hafnarbraut 42
+354 478 2600

A cozy restaurant/café/pub with rather typical soups, sandwiches, pasta dishes etc., at fair prices.

Höfn is one of the most important harbors for lobster fishing in Iceland and many of the town's eating options include lobster dishes as the local specialty. The only supermarket is Nettó, in the Miðbær mini-mall in the center of town, which is also the location of the local alcohol store.

Víkurbraut 2
+354 478 2300

A bar which also sells pizzas and hamburgers. In the weekends, there is sometimes live music from local bands.