A local way to eat a hamburger is with french fries included in the bun and kokteilsósa a cocktail of mayonnaise and ketchup. A shop that sells a delicious version of this, called a MacGratsky burger, is Nætursalan located downtown right next to the main bus stop. This is a popular snack to end the evening after a heavy night of drinking.

Akureyri also has the world's northernmost Domino's Pizza.

Rub23, located just below the cathedral of Akureyri, has a most friendly atmosphere and serves one of the best fish dishes in the area.

The Indian Curry Hut, located at Hafnarstraeti 100b, has some of the best curry in all of Iceland--perfect for warming up after a winter's day! It's a take-away, though there are two stools and a counter. The owner of the restaurant is very friendly, with an interesting life's story.

Top end

Strikið: Fresh, high quality restaurant. Their chocolate cake is the best I've ever had, hands down. Mostly fish, lobster, but one or two meat dishes. Has an amazing view at the top floor of a building at the coastline.

Greifinn: Considered high quality, just sells sandwiches, starters, soups. Obviously a nice restaurant though.