North Iceland

North Iceland is probably the best destination in Iceland for outdoor adventure or activity tours. Practically anything that's available somewhere in Iceland, is available in the North.

Horse riding

Many people come to iceland in part to try out the icelandic horses. skagafjörður, in north iceland, is the often regarded as the mecca of the icelandic horse, and is a great place to either just give it a try or to set off on a longer riding tour. if you're not going by skagafjörður, there are various other horse rental options dotted around the region.

Hot pools

In addition to swimming pools in every village, there are several other hot pools to visit in north iceland. grettislaug is a pool fed by a natural hot spring just a few meters from the sea in skagafjörður, about 20km north of sauðárkrókur. the nature baths by mývatn are another option, forming a sort of less crowded alternative to the blue lagoon in the southwest.

River rafting

The glacial rivers of skagafjörður are, hands down, the best rivers for rafting in iceland. several companies offer rafting tours, they are mostly based around varmahlíð.


Unlike most of the rest of the country, north iceland offers some good skiing. akureyri is a popular skiing destination among icelanders, and dalvík and ólafsfjörður both offer very good and reliable skiing runs. tröllaskagi troll peninsula is a world class ski touring and ski mountaineering destination with the season lasting from around mid march and lasts until mid june.

Whale watching

Both húsavík and dalvík are excellent whale watching locations due to their close proximity to the greenland sea.

Travel Service Bakkaflöt, 560 Varmahlið, ICELAND
+354 4538245
Follow road 752 for about 11 km from Varmahlid.

Bakkaflot offers rafting trips on the famous East and West Glacial Rivers. West River is perfect trip for families, East River a must adrenaline rush for adventure seekers. You can enjoy this amazing hot chocolate directly from the hot springs on the river side. They have really good facilities restaurant, accommodation and hot pools. The entry to the hot pools is included in the rafting trip.