Gamli Baukur
on the waterfront in an old wooden building

They have an excellent selection of fish, soups, and salads. Downstairs is the small restaurant and upstairs a lively, little bar.

Garðarsbraut 6
+354 464 2551
green house right by the main road.

Restaurant/pizzeria, where it is also possible to taste puffin.

+354 496 1440
behind the Gentle Giants ticket centre

An interesting tent restaurant where they grill whole lambs. Very nice food with reasonable prices. Only open during the summer season.

Naustagarður 2
+354 464 1520
yellow house by the harbour

Nice and simple seafood restaurant.

Fosshótel Húsavík

Has a reasonably priced restaurant/pizzeria.

Local Food Bistro
downstairs of the rts and crafts shop, near Salka restaurant.

Light interesting courses made of local ingredients. Pretty interior and a sunny patio.