Vogafjós Guesthouse
Vogar 1, 660 Mývatn
+354 464 4303

Vogafjós offers cozy accommodation in newly built cottages. Breakfast is eaten at a special cowshed café, where you can watch the cows getting milked and eat local food.

Dimmuborgir Guesthouse
Geiteyjarströnd 1, 660 Mývatn
+354 464 4210

Dimmuborgir Guesthouse is located at the eastern bank of Mývatn. It offers cozy cottages and rooms all year round with a great view over the lake.

There are numerous accommodation options around Lake Mývatn, most of which can be found in the towns of Reykjahlíð and Skútustaðir. They range from good quality hotels to small guesthouses. Options available outside of the towns include:

Hlíð Travel Service
Hlíð, 660 Mývatn
+354 464 4103

Hlíð Travel Service offers nine double rooms, each equipped with bathrooms.

Stöng Guesthouse
Gistiheimilið Stöng, 660 Mývatn
+354 464 4252

Situated a few kilometers south of lake Mývatn, this guesthouse has newly built houses and is well situated for sight-seeing trips in the surrounding area.

Vogahraun Guesthouse
Vogahraun, 660 Mývatn
+354 464 4399

Vogahraun Guesthouse is situated at the northern bank of lake Mývatn. It offers Bed & Breakfast, sleeping bag accommodation and a camping site.