Southwest Iceland

Blue Lagoon
+354 420 8800
4,800 kr.
9AM-9PM 1 July to 31 August; 10AM-8PM 1 September to 31 May

Geothermal baths in the middle of a lava field, formed by a nearby geothermal power plant and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. The setting is impressive and the baths are almost unique in the world their closest counterparts are the Nature Baths in Mývatn, North Iceland. However, they are also slightly overpriced and overcrowded, as is to be expected of a place so popular. It is possible to take a bus from Keflavík International Airport and stop in the Blue Lagoon on the way to Reykjavík, with a bath included in the price. If you're arriving on your own by public transport, take the buses to Grindavík from Keflavík or Reykjavík. If you're driving, take Reykjanesbraut and turn at the sign pointing to Grindavík road nr. 43, 10km east of Keflavík.

Lava walking

You don't have to hike a mountain, a walk in the young lava of reykjanes can be just as fun and just as exhausting due to the difficult surface. one location to spot in the lava is a symbolic bridge between the european and north american continents by the road along the eastern coast of reykjanes..

Volcano Tours
Víkurbraut 2, Keflavík
+354 426 8822
17,000 kr.

Adventure caving to lava tunnels and craters in the Reykjanes peninsula. No gear or experience is required