Viking festival

Every summer Hafnarfjörður is host to a Viking festival, where people dress up in viking costumes, fight with viking weapons, etc. There is a market with craftsmen selling their viking-like wares.


There are two annual festivals in Hafnarfjörður that can make for an interesting visit:

Bjartir dagar

An arts and culture festival held annually for a weekend around the beginning of June to coincide with the national celebrations of the Seamen's Day the first monday in June.

Seaman’s Day Festival

‘Sjómannadagurinn’ means seaman’s Day. The day is a public holiday in Iceland and a celebration of the fishing industry.

Geothermal pools

geothermal pools
Hringbraut 77
+354 565 3080
6:30AM-8:30PM M-F, 8AM-6PM Sa-Su

The main swimming pool in Hafnarfjörður, just outside the centre of town. Includes an outdoor pool, several hot pots, a steam bath and a water slide.

geothermal pools
Ásvellir 2
+354 512 4050
6:30AM-9PM M-F, 8AM-6PM Sa, 8AM-5PM Su

The newest pool in Hafnarfjörður, part of a larger sports complex on the way out of town towards Keflavík.

geothermal pools

Hafnarfjörður has three swimming pools, two outdoors and one indoors:

geothermal pools
Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar
by Herjólfsgata
+354 555 0088
6:30AM-5PM M-Th, 6:30AM-7PM F, closed weekends

The old, indoors swimming pool - not a typical tourist pool. Today it is frequently closed, so it may be best to call first if you're planning a visit.

In recent years, Hafnarfjörður has marketed itself well as the town of the Icelandic elves. This is understandable, given the local nature and the close proximity between human habitation and lava rocks. Several companies offer tours visiting the homes of the elves and listening to stories about them. The town is also becoming increasingly popular in December for its Christmas Village, open in the centre of town during weekends that month. People frequently come from Reykjavík and other towns in the Southwest to do some of their Christmas shopping.

There are several good options for outdoor activities around the edges of Hafnarfjörður. You can go hiking on the town mountain Helgafell or take a walk around the lake Hvaleyrarvatn. Íshestar (http://www.ishestar.is) offer horse riding tours from their stables on the outskirts of town.