Spend a day walking around in the old part of Hafnarfjörður. See the old houses and visit Hellisgerði, a popular public park where the natural lava formations of the area can be observed. In the park you can also find the only collection of Japanese bonsai trees in Iceland. As a part of your walking tour you can walk along the beach in the heart of the town. Five minutes away is a magnificent cliff from the top of which there is a view over the town. Hafnarfjörður has one of the only monasteries in Iceland and is home to a few museums.

Strandgata 34
+354 587 5590
12-5PM F-M and W, 12-9PM Th

An art gallery and venue run by the town.

Hafnarfjörður Museum
Vesturgata 8
+354 585 5780
Variable opening hours (different houses are open at different times)

A collection of old houses in the centre of town, some of them have simply been renovated and demonstrate their original use, others contain different exhibitions relating to the history of Hafnarfjörður.