West Iceland


– this moss-covered volcanic crater sits alongside the ring road about 30 km north of borgarnes. you can hike up to the rim in a few minutes, where you will have views into the crater that erupted about 3,400 years ago, and of two other nearby craters.

The islands of Breiðafjörður

– according to icelandic legend, the islands of breiðafjörður are so many that they're uncountable. sightseeing trips are available from stykkishólmur as well as tours to some of the larger islands.

Glacier tours

– go to the top of snæfellsjökull glacier. you can get a ride in special trucks, or simply hike up on your own. just remember to pack sunglasses!

Danish days

– the town festival in stykkishólmur held each august, celebrating the town's historic links to denmark.

Horse riding

– the farm of lýsuhóll on snæfellsnes offers horse rentals where you can ride icelandic horses on the snæfellsnes coast.


– snæfellsnes is ideal land for hikers, with its many mountains.